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Compressor Saver

The compressor on your air conditioner consumes more power on start up than other device in your home! The 5-2-1 Compressor Saver significan- tly reduces the amount of time it takes for your air conditioner to start - SAVING YOUR MONEY AND PROTECTING YOUR EQUIPMENT.

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Surge Protector

For most homeowners, your air conditioning system is your most expensive piece of equipment. The average home and business experiences more than 300 potentially damaging surges each year. Protect your equipment today!

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CPS has partnered with 5-2-1 to provide our valued customers with professionally produced continuing education seminars specifically designed for the air conditioning and refrigeration service technician. Each information-packed seminar was developed by respected industry professionals with a combined 50 years of field related experience, including the successful operation of an accredited A/C&R teaching facility for over 25 years. All events are highlighted by professionally produced multimedia presentations, in-depth technical question/answer sessions, and invaluable hands-on training that will provide the attendee with practical, profit producing skills they can apply on their very next service call.

The best part of this value added educational program is that it is offered absolutely FREE to select authorized CPS and 5-2-1 partners.

Here Are the Topics Currently Offered:

- Understanding Superheat and SubCooling
- Compressor Longevity and Energy Efficiency
- Principles of Evacuation and Recovery
- Mastering R-410A: TEVs, SH, SC, Evacuation, Recovery, etc.
- Fundamentals of the Refrigeration Cycle
- Electrical Troubleshooting for the HVAC/R Professional
Topics can be tailored to specific requirements upon request

Here's What Our Professional Seminars Can Do For You:

- Improve Customer Relations/Loyalty
- Add Value to Increase Profits
- Provide Your Customers with Something Your Competition Cannot
- Increase Sales by Training Your Sales Staff
- Increase Education = Increase Profits

Who Should Attend?

- Service Managers
- Counter personnel
- Technicians
- Installers
- Sales Staff
- Business Owners

Continuing Education Units

We are in the process of acquiring NATE certification for the above presentations and/or State CEU credits where applicable.

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